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RFID Based System


RF (Radio Frequency) Card is a touch-free card that uses a wireless frequency. With an embedded RF chip and antenna, the card can transmit data to a terminal.
Most RF Cards on the market use a low frequency of 125KHz, or a high frequency of 13.56MHz. Low frequency cards (125KHz) are classified into TEMIC and EM cards, depending on the type of chip inside the card.
Security companies, such as S-One, CAPS, or KT Telecop, generally issue these cards.
High frequency cards (13.56MHz; RF Smart Cards) use Philips (Milfare) or Infineon chips that have been certified to ISO14443A/B.

Compact and Slim Design! Card Identification Access Control System

VIRDI RF/Smart card authentication system is widely applicable to various business solutions through TCP/IP networked application software. We guarantee the advantage of high reliability and cost effectiveness.




Items : AC-1000RF
Card Capacity : Default (2M) : 10,000 / Option (4M) : 20,000
Event Log Data : 20,000
Card : 125 KHz proximity card
LCD display : 128 ¡¿ 64 Graphic Display LCD
Communications : TCP/IP, 2 RS-232C, 1 Wiegand, 1 RS-485
Lock Control : 2 ports control motor lock or 1 port control EM/Strike/Deadbolt lock
Power Consumption : Max DC 12V / 450mA
Operation Environment : -20 ~ 50¡ÆC / Lower than 90% RH (Non-condensing)
Verification (1:1) Time : < 0.1 sec
Available S/W : Access control, Time & Attendance
Dimension : 140(W) X 89(H) X 28(D) mm