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Energy Conservation

Steinel – German Quality motion sensors are used to conserve lighting loads and energy in common application areas like corridors, passages, aisles, staircases, stairs, stairways, toilets, bathrooms, WC, car parking, car parks, office cabins, office chambers, warehouses, storage rooms, pantry, lift landings, kitchen, canteen, garden, patio, lobbies etc. Steinel now has a comprehensive range of HOME, DIY & Professional products and solutions suitable for the home user and the professional category of users like, electrical consultants, contractors, architects, specifiers & interior designers. 

These movement detectors are also known as motion sensors or motion detectors. The motion sensor in India is available either in a PIR [Passive Infrared] or HF [high frequency / Ultrasonic / Radar / Doppler] technologies. These devices are commonly used to automatically switch on or off the lights and lighting fixtures. The advanced motion detector / sensor can also be used for the automatic control of HVAC [ heating, ventilation, air conditioning]. These specific motion detectors are known as dual channel output modules as they independently control the lights and the aircons. The lighting load is dependent on the ambient lux levels whereas the airconditioner is actuated based on human presence. 

These energy saving devices are very popular and can be easily installed and commissioned by the end user. The Steinel Presence sensors are also used in office chambers and cabins where the level of movement and activity is limited and restricted as the occupant is normally seated. The occupancy sensor is capable of detecting minor motion associated with laptop operation and keeping the lighting loads activated.

Steinel – Germany has also introduced the wireless technology for motion, occupancy and presence sensors. Some of these models are battery or solar operated and can communicate over a distance of 100 meters in an open area.

The Communication for this range of detectors is via Radio Frequency -RF using a 868Mhz frequency.These wireless switches can be installed both in indoor or outdoor locations either on the wall surface or the ceiling.
Steinel products are also available for daylight harnessing and dimming controls .

Steinel offers a comprehensive range of movement sensor integrated light fixtures for both outdoor and indoor applications. These solutions can either be mounted on the ceiling or the wall depending on the user convenience. Reputed lighting companies have been using Steinel products for their OEM requirements and co- branding these devices. LEED certification is mandatory for Green Buildings and movement sensors are an inherent part of all Green Building Products. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency – BEE in India is the lead agency for specifying the user of these motion and movement detectors via the ECBC Energy Conservation Building Code.