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Analog Type Cameras

Analogue type systems are normaly economical for small to medium businesses and areas. They consist of Camera, Digital Video Recorder, Remote Switchers and Monitor or TV. Image quality has restriction in terms of resolution. They have limited featues. Now a days we are getting advance analogue systems which have better features and performance.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV), as a collection surveillance cameras doing video surveillance, is the use of television cameras for surveillance. It differs from broadcast television in that all components are directly linked via cables or other direct means. CCTV is used in banks, casinos, shopping centres, streets, airports etc. (the eye in the sky)

Wireless video surveillance for indoor or outdoor use, wireless security cameras for your workplace or residence, hidden cameras obscured in everyday stuff, we cover it.

Company specializes in professional network video surveillance solutions for remote monitoring, security surveillance and broadcasting.

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