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Building Management Systems

The concept of Building Management System often leads to semantic disputes among specialists. In its strict sense, it concerns solely the software which ensures centralised control of installations. In the wider sense, it includes everything, from field elements such as sensors and servomotors, to the centralised software which ensures the performance of all current operations, from lighting control to invoicing tenants for utilities. CEMS Tehnologii designs and implements BMS in the wider sense.

The technical solution is recommended, among others, depending on

The building’s dimensions
The building’s destination
Existing equipment
The occupants’ behaviour (e.g., working in shifts)
Expectations regarding the reduction in utilities consumption and/or maintenance costs

The main advantages are

Reduction in utilities consumption of up to 30%
Reduction in maintenance costs and a simplification of this process
Ensuring the temperature, air quality, light intensity conditions, etc., desired by the building’s occupant
Ensuring the optimization of energy consumption by performing thorough queries
Metering by specific areas
Wastewater control
integration of renewable energy sources